Friday, April 27, 2012

Read: "Beast Within" by James Daniels

Read: The Beast Within: Dead Man #7, James Daniels, 2011, (find ISBN on your own).

Matt Cahill is now in Michigan and back in wooded country.  Cahill leaves a grocery store and rescues some hot Russian chick from three violent skinheads.  Cahill and Russian flee on Cahill's motorcycle.  Cahill is in town to speak to an author who wrote about the Dark and seeing rotting people.

Hot Russian Chick is married to the author who is a white supremacist.  Supremacist's compound is old ski lodge surrounded by double electric fence.  Hot Russian Chick is mail order bride.  Hot Russian Chick brought her two brothers with her.  White Supremacist is nutbag.  Nutbag had an "Army" of armed nitwits who largely rejected his leadership when he brought back the darker skinned Russkie. 

Army Rejects are preparing to attack the compound.  Cahill discovers monster sized brother of Hot Russian Chick is actually a bear in human form that she married back in Kamchatka.  During attack Cahill does shooting and axing.  Cahill survives.  Cahill escapes aftermath.  Hot Russian Chick is nude on bear's back.  Cahill says good luck to another survivor on his way back to town. Cahill spreads literacy via Mack Bolan.

1.  Gratuitous Mack Bolan.
2.  No Hot Russian Chick sex but Cahill lusts for her.
3.  To me this felt very 1980s with armed separatists, guns, adventure, Bolanisticness.
4.  One of my favorites in the series.

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