Monday, April 23, 2012

Finished: "Blood Mesa: Dead Man #5" by James Reasoner

Finished: Blood Mesa: Dead Man #5 by James Reasoner, 2011, 9781612187648.

What's that? Your producing a series of novellas with different writers for each entry? Well, you may as well hire James Reasoner, he writes well in any genre.

Cahill is on the side of a rural highway after hitching a ride in New Mexico. The heat is beating down and he is intrigued by a nearby mesa. He starts walking. He finds a broken down truck. The gal and guy on the truck are archaeologists doing a dig on the same mesa. Gal scientist is hot. Dude scientist has rotting face of evil. Cahill fixes the truck and is hired to take place of driver/mechanic who just quit.

They arrive at dig. Cahill gets heebee-jeebees at one of the three dig sites. Cahill knows something is wrong. Cahill knows trouble is coming. Human bones with human tooth and gnaw marks are found. Cahill is even more uneasy and queasy. Cahill witnesses drama between jilted guy, ex-girlfriend and new boyfriend.

Cahill at the heebee-jeebee site when an altar is unearthed. Altar drives diggers deep down to dramatic derangement and destruction. Mad diggers start killing and eating others. Cahill teams up with non-crazies. Cahill and wounded non-crazy destroy the altar with dynamite. Cahill hits the road.

1. Reasoner zips right through the story on this one. He keeps the action going quick.
2. No sex.
3. Ax violence love.
4. Loneliness of Cahill love.
5. Mr. Dark's invisible and ancient presence love.

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