Friday, April 27, 2012

Read: "Kill The All" by Harry Shannon

Read: Kill Them All: Dead Man #6 Harry Shannon, 2011, (ISBN is in the book but not the Amazon website).

Matt Cahill is on the side of the road, again, in the Nevada desert when he hears a call for help.  A couple kids were exploring an abandoned mine and one is stuck.  Cahill grabs a rope from a nearby meth dealer and rescues the kid.  A cop car pulls up.  Local sheriff is the dad.  Dad takes kids and Cahill back to their small town.  Word spreads of the rescue and everyone in town, about 50 of them, are very grateful.

Cahill just wants to skip town, as usual, and continue his hunt for Mr. Dark, as usual.  Cahill protects a bar waitress from some slugs.  Waitress gives Cahill a ride back out to the desert because Cahill wants to inspect the mine as part of his search for Dark.

Cahill kidnapped.  Cahill's abductors are the guys from two books back, mercenaries hired by the wealthy benefactors of the hospital that was prodding and poking Cahill to figure out why he was still alive.  Head mercenary tells Cahill that the the benefactors are paying the mercenaries to draw Cahill's blood, all of Cahill's blood, for research.  Cahill's body will then be cremated.

Cahill rescued by waitress and a couple others including sheriff.  Sheriff and company get Cahill back to town.  There was an explanation for why the mercenaries were not captured but I forgot what.  Now the vicious, highly trained killers are coming to town for Cahill.  Cahill and company prep the town and have a final shootout.  Cahill leaves town on a horse.

1. No sex for Cahill.
2.  Plenty of death.
3.  Ax action, as usual.
4.  Desert heat.
5.  Isolated town without help.  Cahill expected to lead everyone.

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