Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Never Got Into: "Spinners" by Anthony McCarten

Never Got Into: Spinners by Anthony McCarten, 1999, 0688163033.

I ran across this somewhere. Not sure where though. Maybe the book was referenced, maybe I stumbled across it in the catalog. I just didn't get into it and it ended up at the bottom of a pile and it's now time to clear house on a bunch of overdue stuff.

Girl working at processing plant in rural New Zealand claims she was gangbanged by aliens from a flying saucer. Meanwhile the ex-con nephew of the town mayor (is 'mayor' the title ? I don't recall) has come to restart the library. That's where I quit.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Looked Through: "Secrets of BuIlding an Alcohol Producing Still" by Vincent R. Gingery

Looked through: Secrets of Building and Alcohol Producing Still by Vincent R. Gingery, 1994, 1878087169.

I wanted to learn about the distilling process so I ordered a couple books from other libraries. Gingery self-published this as a guide for people looking to produce alternative fuel. He himself had trouble finding directions in building and operating a still to produce alcohol based auto fuel and decided to write a guide.

I looked through this book a bit and the building process was a little interesting to read about. But, as Gingery himself notes, the manufacturing process he details would likely not be safe to produce booze for consumption. For that matter, Gingery's directions never address alcohol for consumption. Not that it matters to me. Even if I were inclined to distill my own booze I would never bother because of the multiple legal issues.