Saturday, April 21, 2012

Read: "Picket Line" by Breena Wiederhoeft

Read: Picket Line by Breena Wiederhoeft, 2011, 9780983661214.

Comic book novel by former Wisconsinite. Pretty decent.

Beatrice (Bea) graduates college and leaves WI for Northern CA. She has no destination or job. At a gas station she helps a guy, Rex, with really short arms reach a package. He starts talking to her and gives her a business card. Later, when looking for work, Bea calls him up and gets a job.

Bea thinks of Rex as Tyronnosaurus Rex because of his little arms. But, Rex is the epitome of kindness. Rex hires Bea into his lawn care business and treats his employees very well. Bea becomes part of that work family and becomes friends with Rex's daughter, Liz.

Things happen. Liz and her husband Derek are divorcing. Rex's wife is off in Hollywood. A local rich guy inherits land with massive, old growth Redwoods. Rex and company are hired to care for the estate's grounds. Protesters, paid $9 an hour, are blocking the gates to the estate. Local Rich Guy plans to cut down the trees and plant condos instead.

Conflict with protestors. Conflict with Rex who says he's talking to Local Rich Guy to try and save the land. Conflict between Derek and Liz. Conflict with Bea who quits her job and joins protesters. Nearby volcanic mountain turns active. Rex arrested for setting explosion he did not do.

Nearby volcanic mountain erupts. Town evacuates. Rex shows evidence of Local Rich Guy's bribe of judge. Liz and Derek reconcile. Bea decides to stay in town. Everyone lives happily ever after. Except for the people dead from the volcano.

1. More happens in the plot with love interests and such.
2. I liked the illustrations but they were simple. By simple I mean Wiederhoeft does not do lots of detail for faces or cars or whatnot. Because of this the panels did not have the variety I prefer. Not as many of the different, neat-o perspectives that comics can provide.
3. I'll have to pay attention to her work because I think it will improve.

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