Thursday, February 10, 2022

Comic Book Novel: "Bad Mother" by Christa Faust

Comic Book Novel: Bad Mother by Christa Faust, 2021, 9781953165022.

Faust keeps putting out the crime comics. There is a new coming this year as well. 

Suburban mom April's husband is out-of-pocket on vacation. Her son is at camp for a week. Her teen daughter, Taylor, is misbehaving. And April just survived a takeover, grocery-store robbery that ended with a dead robber and April covered in his blood splatter. 

With husband and son gone Taylor comes home an emotional wreck. April figures the dirtbag boyfriend - dating a 16-year-old - is to blame and hustles over to the boyfriend's place. April finds the boyfriend and another guy shot dead. April goes to the cops. The cops go to the murder house. The murder house is clean and empty of corpses.

Things happen. Brutality is frequent. Taylor is kidnapped and April needs to get her back. April acts on her own after seeing the cops are crooked. April gets violent.