Monday, May 7, 2012

Done: "Fire and Ice: Dead Man #8" by Jude Hardin

Done: Fire and Ice: Dead Man #8 by Jude Hardin, 2012, [no ISBN handy].

One of my favorites.  Cahill has landed in a Florida factory town and is living, for a time, with a local gal.  Local gal got him a job at local chemical factory that produces solvents called Fire and Ice.

Bad Guy is fired and decides to do some workplace violence revenge.  The factory has only a couple entry points.  Bad guy locks those off, disables back-ups, cuts off the electricity, and uses a lock-down feature intended to contain chemical spills.  Lock down feature also contains all the employees.  Bad Guy strolls along with a couple suppressed pistols and night vision goggles.  Cahill and others wonder what is going on.

People die.  Cahill blames himself.  Mr. Dark infects Girlfriend of the Moment.  Girlfriend of the Moment slugs Cahill and takes off.  Bad Guy leaves factory and the bomb he planted to do some drinking and await his soon-to-be celebrity. Cahill drowns the bomb in Fire and Ice.  Cahill escapes factory.  Cahill and Bad Guy and Girlfriend of the moment have showdown.

1.  Hardin puts everything on a timeline from about 6 AM to 4 PM and switches back and forth among Cahill, Bad Guy, and Girlfriend of the Moment.
2.  Beretta love.
3.  Ripping on low paying and dangerous factory work.

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