Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Read: "Raylan" by Elmore Leonard

Read: Raylan by Elmore Leonard, 2012, 9780062119469.

It had been a long time since I read a Leonard novel. This was okay but so much of what was in the novel has already been done in Justified. The novel's and show's storylines are not identical but close enough to spoil any suspense of surprise.

To me this was more an opportunity to compare the two formats. Abbott Jr. wrote upa brief interview with Leonard for LA Times Magazine and Leonard said Boyd Crowder is not very smart but thinks he is. The television Crowder is smart. TV Crowder is a schemer and planner and figures people out.

I was watching the most recent Justified episode earlier today and got to thinking that maybe Raylan is not just stubborn and falsely obtuse. Maybe he is a bit thick.

Anyway. Plot: Raylan gets involved in kidney thievery and kills the gal mastermind. Raylan gets involved protecting a mouthpiece for the mining company. Mouthpiece later killed by widow of mminer mouthpiece shot. Raylan is assigned to look for a gal who skipped bail in Indianapolis and is suspected of bank robbery. Raylan bangs the gal instead.

1. I had difficulty following the dialogue. I cannot recall if this happened to me when reading past Leonard books.
2. Gratuitous reference to Valdez is Coming.

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