Saturday, January 8, 2022

Comic: "Triggerman" by Walter Hill

 Comic: Triggerman by Walter HIll, 2017, 97817858673.

Just finished this and there is an brief interview with Hill at the end. Judging by his perfunctory answers Hill did not want to say a damn thing. Also, I had to look up the word perfunctory. I was drawing a complete blank.

1929 and a convict is released from prison by the Chicago outfit and sent out to catch the three guys who partnered with and then killed Capone's nephew. Of course the story starts with a mysterious entry in a barren, Arizona, desert town.

  • There is the Triggerman, Roy. 
  • Tommy guns.
  • Nudity.
  • Lots of shooting and blood.
  •  Roy hunting for the woman he loves.

Anyhoo. Roy is after the three crooks and allowed to keep the $500k they took in the earlier robbery.  Along the way he discovers the girlfriend he lost by getting a life sentence. He ends up in Los Angeles and the girlfriend is the current gal of the local mob boss. The is killing. There is talking. There are cops. There are all sorts of crime story stuff.

The brief Q&A with Hill is mostly worthless but he does say how the entire focus is on Roy. He does not care about setting and "atmospherics". I enjoyed the artwork quite a bit. Artist is listed as Jeff.