Thursday, October 27, 2022

Comic Novel: Batman by Brian K. Vaughan

 Comic Novel: Batman by Brian K Vaughan, 2017, 9781401268381.

I forgot about reading this one.  Hell, in his intro Vaughan said he didn't remember them either. 

Comics Compilation: "Queen of the Ring" by Jaime Hernandez

 Comics Compilation: Queen of the Ring: wrestling drawings by Jaime Hernandez, 1980-2020, 2021, 9781683964452.

Big-time wrestling fan and author fo Love and Rockets collects 40 years of women wrestler artwork. There is a fair amount of commentary by Hernandez. Fun to flip through.

I read this a while ago and have no further comment. 

Comic Novel: "Ex Libris" by Matt Madden

 Comic Novel: Ex Libris by Matt Madden, 2021, 9781941250440.

I enjoyed this. Point of view - narration of the text and of narrator's vision - of a guy who wakes in a mostly bare room remembering almost nothing of why he is there. Just that he has ended up in a cheap room after a failed romantic relationship.

Narrator is having a mental breakdown and unable to deal with his memories. He ends up reading through a bookshelf filled with comics. Madden adopts different artistic styles as the narrator reads the stories and parts of the stories. 

A bit of a meditation on comics and thought and reality.  I read it awhile ago and have no further comment.

DNF: "Ace Boon Coon" by Danny Gardner

 DNF: Ace Boon Coon by Danny Gardner, 2020, 9781952427053.

I was looking forward to this one and could not get into it and had trouble following. I don't know why. 

The plot mixing Chicago politics, rural IL life, the Mob, and labor battles was neat. I just couldn't grab on.