Monday, April 9, 2012

Done: "I, the Jury" by Mickey Spillane

Done: I, the Jury by Mickey Spillane, 1947, 0451203526 (2011 compilation).

Mike Hammer could be a real asshole. Quick to slug someone and quick to take insult.

My knowledge of the Hammer books and Spillane is very scant. I do know I, the Jury was a sensation when it came out. Max Allan Collins has an essay in the beginning of this compilation but I don't know if I will get toit. I used to watch the Keach tv show. I really liked the Armand Assante movie because it was filled with nudity and gunplay.

What's more, should I read the recent Spillane/Collins collaboration that Spillane intended as the second Hammer novel? Or, should I just read the other two novels in this compilation? Ahh, who cares. I'll read them in whatever order I feel like.

Hammer gets a call that his long-time friend and war buddy, Jack Williams, was murdered. Hammer swears revenge. Hammer goes hunting with plan to catch killer before Pat Chambers the cop does. Hammer starts shaking down the people who were at a party Jack hosted the night of his death.

Hammer threatens. Hammer punches. Hammer drinks. Hammer lusts. Hammer hints at his tough guy history. More people die as the killer ties up loose ends. Hammer has hots for gal psychiatrist. Hammer dislikes poofs. Hammer drives a heap. Hammer finds links to dope and prostitution. Hammer bangs a nympho. Hammer drinks more. Hammer figures it all out. Hammer kills the killer.

1. A fun read. One that makes me think if differences between today and 65 years ago. Not just about cars, and phones and mores but also about an idealized hero of the time.
2. This copy only went ~150 pages.
3. Several things in the book stretched my disbelief. Like the guy wooing co-eds and then pimping them out.

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