Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quit: "Pound For Pound" by F.X. O'Toole

Quit: Pound For Pound F.X. O'Toole, some year, some ISBN.

I loved O'Toole's short story collection from several years ago. I recall nabbing a withdrawn copy from work because, apparently, no one else liked the book.

This had an intro by James Ellroy who mentions how O'Toole's manuscript was hundreds of pages long when he died. O'Toole's son and an editor went through and cleaned it up. That was a real turn-off. O'Toole's short stories were short. He worked on them and turned out some really neat stuff. When this did not grab me after 15 pages or so I never got back to it and returned it to the library.

I may try it again sometime.

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