Thursday, October 22, 2020

Pandemic Paperback: "Fire Season" by Stephen Blackmoore

Pandemic Paperback: Fire Season by Stephen Blackmoore, 2019, 9780756412944.\

I enjoyed this a fair amount. I'm fairly certain I read the first novel in this series featuring necromancer Eric Carter. The novels have a second, secret world of magic. The magicians (or whatever Blackmoore called them as a group) have their own society and keep the magic stuff secret. They also don't get along well and tend to murder one another.

This novel carries over events and characters from previous books but Blackmoore tidily connects everything together for new readers.

Anyhoo. Carter lives in Los Angeles. He's a bit of an outcast among the local witchy people. He's suspected of murdering several other witchy people. Witchy people are out to kill Carter. Carter has to make deals to both save his skin and stop a God from murdering regular people and starting an apocalyptic event in Los Angeles.

There is murder of witchy people and regular non-witchy people. There spells, enchantments, ghosts, Gods, cocaine, Adderall, car chases, and complaints about freeway traffic. 

Fun stuff. The same vibe and attitude of that other guy's books. What's his name? Dang. Let me think... Charlie Huston. A balanced mix of human cruelty, dark humor, and absurdity.


  1. Old car love.
  2. Freeway talk.
  3. Browning Hi-Power love.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I enjoyed Blackmoore's true crime blog that focused on crime in Los Angeles. I don't think the blog contents are online anymore.