Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick Read: "Death in Heaven: Dead Man #3 by William Rabkin and Lee Goldberg

Quick Read: Death in Heaven: Dead Man #3 by William Rabkin and Lee Goldberg, 2011, does this have an ISBN?

Looks like Goldberg and Rabkin wrote this one themselves. The Amazon notes count this as an 87 pager. Goldberg once requested I warn of spoilers. SPOILERS! Watch Out!

Matt Cahill is tooling through the Oregon (or Washington) forest on a Buell Blast and takes the exit for Heaven. Heaven is set far, far back off the interstate. When Matt gets there he is shocked to see a Welcome Home Matt banner across the downtown. The town and residents seem stuck in time with no cars, wood stoves, and everyone dressed in simple work shirts or gingham dresses.

Cahill meets local gal. Local gal is kinda hot. Local gal explains the banner. Local gal offers him a room to stay. Local gal puts moves on Matt. Local gal smells of death. Local gal turns putrid and chases Matt. Matt cuts her in half with his ax.

The woman Matt killed was a demon who ruled the town. Matt is now considered the lawgiver and expected to keep the the town's two warring clans in check. Matt is asked to decide on issues like chicken theft and pig killing. Matt does not want the job. Matt's bike get wrecked when he flees. Matt is stuck miles away from interstate. Matt refuses to act as judge in rape accusation.

Matt's refusal to pass judgment leads to all battle between the two clans. More things happen. Matt convinces local girl to try and settle feud. More violence. Matt shambles his way out of town.

1. I finished reading this last night when I was tired and do not remember everything that happened in the end. Maybe all the town residents kill one another.
2. No sex. Matt starts the moves on devil-woman and the smell of death makes him gag.
3. Buell Blast abuse.

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