Monday, April 23, 2012

Done: "The Dead Woman: Dead Man #4" by David McAfee

Done: The Dead Woman: Dead Man #4 by David McAfee, 2011, 9781612187631.

Spoilers lie ahead.

Matt Cahill gets off a bus in another small town, Crawford, TN, population 5400. Cahill learns a seral killer has been active for several years. Cahill is low on cash, checks the local paper, sees an ad for a local antique shop. Cahill walks in, meets Abbey the hot chick owner and is hired. Cahill also meets the angry and estranged husband of the owner whose name is Dale. Dale is a local cop and tells Abbey a pal of hers is the latest victim.

Cahill and Abbey hit if off. Abbey is a sexual dynamo. Dale is angry. Cahill sees a guy touched by evil. Cahill follows guy and stops a murder. Abbey admits to Dale that she too can see the evil on people. More things happen. Dale is still hot for Abbey and jealous of Cahill.

Dale announces in a crowded restaurant that Cahill killed (events form first book). Cahill's name is now mud. Mud decides to leave town. Mud goes to Abbey's shop needing to have her give back his duffel and Ax. Mud discovers Abbey is the serial killer. Mud calls Dale for help. Dale and Mud get to Abbey's remote cabin. Dale is shot. Cops show up. Abbey murders a couple of them. Mud hits the bricks.

1. Defensive ax use.
2. Sex with hot chick.
3. Hot chick also came back from death. Hot chick can see evil in people. Hot chick is evil and pals with Mr. Dark, Mud's nemesis.
4. Hot chick has photos of herself dating back 100 years. Hot chick seems to be immortal. Mud wonders and worries that her life may be his fate.
5. Mysterious bad guys show up at end of book looking for Mud.

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