Thursday, December 3, 2020

Pandemic Novel: "The Dead Yard" by Adrian McKinty

 Pandemic Novel: The Dead Yard byAdrian McKinty, 2006, 9780743266437. Backdated to correct year.

Dustcover says "breathtaking sequel" but I never caught my breath. And, since I've read several McKinty novels over the past year I'm not sure what this novel is about without reading the rest of the dustcover. Let's see...

OK, yeah, I remember. The previous Michael Forythe had the Irish mobster in NYC fleeing and fighting and killing. He started working with the FBI and stayed out of prison. On vacation to the Canary Islands he gets caught in a soccer hooligan riot and a English intelligence officer strongarms him into an undercover assignment in the States. 

Forsythe has to infiltrate an IRA splinter group on the East Coast that only numbers a handful of people. Forsythe does so and he drinks too much, argues with most people, keeps secrets and fakes it 'til he makes it.This is a mcKinty novel so you know Forsythe will suffer, be tortured or beaten, will escape, will exact revenge.

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