Wednesday, December 30, 2020

COVID-io: "Psych 101" by Paul Kleinman

 COVID-io: Psych 101 by Paul Kleinman, 2012 (I think), Wisconsin Digital Library download.

I never took a psychology class and figured this would be a nice intro to some topics. It is. 

Kleinman give pithy entries for famous concepts, theories, experiments, scientists, researchers, and more. I was a bit surprised about how much I already knew through other academic disciplines and regular-every-day-learning.

One aspect I enjoyed was hearing how thinking and theory have changed over the years with new research and recognition that so many psychological theories about human behavior were built on cultural bias. As brain science advanced, the methods of study and research evolved a lot as well. Spoke about the transition of drug treatments.

A relatively brief book that I listened to on walks to and from work and exercise. 

Listened to during pandemic and never entered notes. Notes written July, 2021 with backdating.

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