Monday, December 28, 2020

Audio-Demic: "Prodigal Son" by Dean Koontz

Audio-Demic: Prodigal Son by Dean Koontz, 2009 (I think), Wisconsin Digital Library.

My wife and I used to listen to audios when in the car and before the childrens arrived. We listened to a fair amount of Nero Wolfe mysteries. We also tried, or maybe I listened when traveling back-and-forth in KS, to a couple Koontz shoot-em-up-SciFi-government-conspiracy novels. Koontz is a great storyteller but he would lay on the schmaltz. And I recall he had to have a Hero Dog all the time.

Anyhoo. New Orleans cops Carson and Michael start investigating murders that look like serial killer stuff. Carson has little personal life aside from caring for her autistic son. Michael, her partner, is a standard cop dude and they have a thing for each other that neither will pursue.

Meanwhile some super human guy gets involved. Super Human Guy has been alive for a couple hundred years. Super Human Guy is actually Frankenstein. I think they is a kidnapping? Maybe some sort of medical experiments to turn people into zombies? More government conspiracy stuff?

Doesn't matter. This was popcorn stuff that I'm not going to recall and I listened to it mid-pandemic or right before. I do know there was some more Koontz-style-stuff that annoyed me but I cannot what that was.

Writing this in July, 2021 but backdating to 2020.

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