Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Read: "Extinction Machine" by Jonathan Maberry

Read: Extinction Machine by Jonathan Maberry, 2013,9780312552213.

Another entertaining shoot-em-up with Captain Joe Ledger fighting evil conspiracies.  I was wondering how to describe this series to someone.  Maybe a mix of the TV show Agents of Shield and James Bond.  Ledger works for the DMS, a very secretive government organization that fights all kinds of threats against the U.S.: terrorists injecting a zombie virus, plans to spread genetic mutations, Al Queda aligned plots to destroy the West.  The plots involve the rich and powerful plotting and planning pernicious peril. 

Joe Ledger is a super-dude with commando training and martial arts expertise.  All the agents working under Ledger are point-of-the-spear guys with experience and killer attitude.  The action is sometimes comic book-ish with big battles and international flair.  Ledger's boss, Mr. Church, is mysterious and seems to know everyone in industry and government.  All the plots have a heavy emphasis on science as a weapon.  Computers and gadgets are depended on.

This has Joe Ledge called in from a hangover after lethal cyber-attacks against U.S. defense contractors cause big trouble.  Ledger and a couple guys visit one contractor, fight it out with a couple mysterious guys with strange weapons and fancy body armor.  Mysterious guys escape and Ledger and Co. find about 45 of the contractor's staff dead - not just dead, but blown apart and dripping from the walls.

More things happen.  This novel's conspiracy dates back to 1947 and Roswell.  An organization was founded to exploit the remains of the destroyed space craft.  The organization collected pieces of crashed ships from around the world and different governments hunt the black market for bits and pieces of spaceship.

The DMS is under attack by the acting President who does not like them.  The conspiracy is targeting Ledger with murder, when that fails they set him up to look like a spy.  The conspiracy has a computer system that rivals the DMS's all powerful Mindreader system.

Lots of shooting.  Lots of explosions.  Lots of fisticuffs.  Plenty of dry tough guy humor.  Flying saucers are actually flying triangles.  Aliens may be back.  They may be the ones who kidnapped the President.  Ghost the wonder dog chomps with his titanium teeth.  Ledger has sex.  The DMS is on the run but not giving up.  Helicopters.  High tech spying.  Can the world be saved?! Lots of dead people at the end.  Ledger has a new girlfriend.

1.  Sig Sauer love.
2.  Ju jitsu/karate/judo/boxing/MMA love.
3.  Warehouses.
4.  Huge, secret facilities that Blofeld would love.
5.  Ledger loves to delve deep into his feelings.
6.  433 pages long.

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