Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finished: "Eyes of the innocent" by Brad Parks

Finished: Eyes of the Innocent by brad parks, 2011, 9780312874789.

I was wandering around in the stacks at Fitchburg PL waiting for everyone one to finish the heck up in the kids section.  I saw this one and since I already read or listened to the 1st and 3rd entries in the Carter Ross series I brought this home.

Carter is still an investigative reporter for the Newark Eagle-Examiner.  He is assigned to work with a hot intern nicknamed Sweet Thang to do a story about a house fire that killed two kids.  Carter cracks jokes.  Carter hides from his editor.

Intern and Carter discover the dead boys' mom in the remains of the house.  They interview mom.  Mom tells stories about a weird mortgage deal with a steep rate.  Mom turns out to be a liar and steals jewelry from Intern's apartment.  Carter cracks jokes.

A Newark City Councilman is missing.  Blood stains at his home suggest violence.  Carter helps with the story.  Carter finds link between the now missing Mom and missing Councilman.  Carter cracks jokes and hides from his editors.

Intern is hot for Carter.  Carter is hot but restraining for Intern.  Carter still has weird thing going on with hot City Desk Editor lady.  City Desk jealous of Intern.  Carter travels Newark.  Carter informs reader on Newark politics and corruption.  Current state of journalism and the pressure of competition, deadlines and internet publishing.

Things happen.  Almost sex.  Threatened violence.  Real violence.  Interspersed thoughts of the bad guy responsible for corruption and murdered Councilman - a method used by Parks in the other novels.  Carter saves the day with a little help from his friends.

1.  Parks keeps the story going with wise-assed Carter driving things along.
2.  The investigation has dead-ends and surprise turns.
3.  Newark love.
4.  Newark street-name love.
5.  Newark versus suburbs love.
6.  Fashion advice.

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