Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finished: "Dead Man: Volume 5" by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin

Finished: Dead Man: Volume 5: The Death Match: The Black Death: The Killing Floor by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin, 2013 (paperback compilation of e-books), 9781477807422.

Three Matthew Cahill novellas by Christa Faust, Aric Davis and David Tully. All are fun reading.

Death Match.  Faust has Cahill following a news story about a dead man who in Long Beach who had tattoos he'd seen in other adventures against Mr. Dark.  Cahill's goes to the port, gets inside to witness a no holds, no rules, no referees MMA fight with women fighters.  Matt teams up with a lady whose girlfriend went missing with the fight group. Trouble, fighting, ax swinging, sex, zombies, underground lairs, and suicidal sacrifice ensue.

Black Death.  Cahill is tooling along on his CB550 when it breaks down in small town Southern Indiana.  The town and county are in a drug slump.  The newest trouble is black meth that makes some people insane: their eyes turn black and they behavior turns murderously animalistic.  Cahill sees the evil - as usual - and offers to help the sheriff.  Cahill goes 'undercover' with a couple meth guys he just met in the local bar.  They hit a couple meth spot and the ax swinging begins.  Chop, chop.  Shotgun shooting.  Blam, blam.  A house explodes.  Kaboom, pow.  Most of the town is destroyed.  Cahill rides off on his repaired CB550 with the now dead Sheriff's secretary.  No sex.

Killing Floor.  Cahill is tricked by Mr. Dark into heading into the Adirondacks.  The town is infected with evil when Cahill gets there.  Matt figures he may have to kill the whole town.  A local fracking site is causing controversy and he meets a hot hippie chick.  He heads to fracking site and finds out a monster was awakened.  Tie-in to the Roanoke Colony and Virginia Dare.  Mr. Dark wanted to use the awakened monster to spread black across the world.  Matt starts swinging his ax. Matt stops them.  Matt takes a walk.  No sex.


Lee Goldberg said...

Obviously, Matt Cahill having sex is very important to you. :-)

Gerard Saylor said...

Just that some novellas have Cahill getting in a brief relationship and some do not.