Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Quick: "Pocket-47" by Jude Hardin

Quick: Pocket-47 by Jude Hardin, 2011, 9781608090112.

I saw this in the Fitchburg PL and recognized the name.  I checked my notes and, sure enough, Hardin did a Dead Man entry.  I brought the book home.

Nicholas Colt is a North Florida P.I. Colt is broke and living in a broken down Airstream trailer.  Colt mostly dropped out of life since his private plane crashed with is rock band and young family aboard.  Colt was the only survivor.  Colt has a girlfriend he is sorta committed to but is still stuck on dead wife and baby daughter.

Colt is asked by a nurse to find her missing sister. Colt finds sister who is living with a pimp.  Colt gets her and she refuses to go home, says she will be murdered.  Colt takes her to stay at his girlfriend's house for the night.  Colt then takes her to his trailer to try and get her to spill on the threat.  Colt's trailer is shot at.  Colt gives chase and returns to find the sister is gone.

Colt is driven by curiousity.  Colt also wants to help the sister.  Colt keeps searching.  Colt is caught by car thieves and almost murdered.  Colt discovers conspiracy and has to unravel it.  One conspiracy member mentions "Pocket 47".  Pocket 47 is slang for something going wrong, gremlins in the system.  There is mention of the plane wreck.  Colt is intrigued.

More things happen.  A foster family was threatening sister.  Foster family was selling Soc Sec numbers and IDs.  Foster family was being blackmailed.  Colt's cop pal is a bad guy, has an eye shot out and jumps off a bridge.  Sister is missing and presumed dead.  More secrets.  More intrigue. 

White supremacists.  Dead Cop is actually alive.  Colt joins the remote supremacist camp as guitarist.  Colt is looking for evidence.  Colt finds sister is alive.  Colt kills.  Colt rescues.  Colt and sister live happily ever after as adoptive family.  The plot is a mess.

1.  The rock band's name was Colt .45.  Kinda like .38 Special and the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash.
2.  The plot really is a mess.  I was questioning things as I went along and the point-to-point connections crazily crossed.  But, I did read along, suspended that disbelief and figured I'd be rewarded with revenge and shoot-outs.  I was.
3.  Popcorn novel.  Entertainment with some thought behind it to give the characters meaning.

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