Monday, July 26, 2010

Read: "The Watchman" by Robert Crais

Read: The Watchman by Robert Crais, 2007, 9781416514978 (paper).

I read or listened to 2-3 of Crais Elvis Cole books before starting to enjoy them. I've never much liked Elvis Cole and his wisecracks but Crais writes good stories.

One novel I read by chance. Another I picked up after reading a direct comparison between Stark's Parker and Crais's Joe Pike. That comparison was total bullshit and I really disliked the Pike character as result. I was expecting something from Pike and Crais that wasn't there. Anyway. I wanted to try out this book which was Crais's first to focus on Pike. I liked it.

L.A. Party Girl (Paris Hilton, etc.) gets in early morning car wreck and attempt is made on her life when she is listed as a witness. FBI says they are investigating money launderers and that the car Party Girl ran into had a mobster and money laundering suspects together.

Attempt made on girl's life. Girl goes under protection of the Marshals. Another attempt made. Marshal is killed. Party Girl's father pulls her out to go under private protection. Pike is called by investigator to fulfill a debt. Pike bodyguards Party Girl through two more attempts. Pike decides to go after guy trying to kill girl. Things happen. Elvis Cole helps out. Kimber .45 love. Colt Python love. Sunglasses love. Taciturnity. Parsimony. Corvette Stingray love. Gratuitous use of Jon Jordan and Richard Katz. Everything turns out okay and Pike is unable to accept Party Girl's loving overtures even though he has fallen for her.

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