Thursday, July 15, 2010

Read: "Fifty Grand" by Adrian McKinty

Read: Fifty Grand by Adrian McKinty, 2009, 9780805089004.

This was on some best of '09 list so I reserved it. Good book.

Cuban policewoman travels to Colorado disguised as illegal immigrant from Mexico seeking revenge for her father who died in a hit-and-run.

Cuban gets job in same high-end ski town her estranged father died. Cuban follows her journalist brother's previous prep work. Cuban finds culprit. Cuban deals justice. Twists turn.

1. Looks like McKinty googled his way over here before I finished any more writing.
2. The employers of the illegals were surprisingly nice. Yeah, they were exploiting the workers but they took much better care of them than I expected from that kind of character.
3. Tom Cruise lives atop the highest hill in town. All eyes look up to Cruise as the unseen King or God of town. All the Hollywood types living in town hope for a touch of recognition from the King.
4. Brad Pitt does not rate as high as Cruise.
5. The Hollywood types are scuzzy, self-absorbed, drug taking twits.

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