Friday, July 30, 2010

Read: "The First Rule" by Robert Crais

Read: The First Rule by Robert Crais, 2010, 9780399156137.

Good. Better than the first solo Pike book.

Pike hears a retired mercenary colleague and his family are murdered in home invasion. Pike is very loyal to his men. Pike seeks revenge. Pike investigates lone survivor of the attack, the family's nanny. Pike gets suspicions. Pike finds connection between nanny and Serbian mob. Things happen. Pike gets help from Elvis Cole and former mercenary Jon Stone. Pike has father issues. We learn more of Pike's mercenary past. Pike finds that the nanny was caring for a Serb kingpins grandson and child was kidnapped to threaten kingpin. Kingpin follows the first rule of Russian mobs - the only family is the mob - and plans to kill the boy to show his scumbagness. Pike not happy. Pike shoots many people. Pike gets boy adopted.

1. East European whores.
2. Lots of driving.
3. More Colt Python love.
4. More 40 lbs in backpack while jogging.
5. People are not who they seem.
6. Jon Stone seems to enjoy hurting and killing.
7. M4 carbine love.
8. Jeep love.
9. Multiple L.A. locations love.
10. Orphan infant love.
11. Sunglasses love.

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