Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finished: "Inside Out" by Barry Eisler

Finished: Inside Out by Barry Eisler, 2010, 9780345505101.

I read this before Eisler arrived in Milwaukee on his book tour. Good book but not as much violence and action as in his previous novels.

Ben Treven goes to Manila after the incidents in Fault Line. Ben gets the big brush-off from his ex-wife who tells Ben his daughter does not know anything about him and considers her stepfather to be her dad. Ben is upset and brings his anger management issues with him to a bar. Ben gets in bar fight, accidentally kills someone, is sprung from jail by his Army unit's commander, Hoyt.

Ben assigned to find a guy who is blackmailing the gov. The Dude is a former member of Ben's unit (Ben never met him) who has torture and execution tapes "lost" by the CIA. Ben tracks down The Dude to Costa Rica. Ben has hot FBI agent tagging along. Ben tags hot FBI agent. Ben finds The Dude has boyfriend in Costa Rica. CIA threaten The Dude's boyfriend. The Dude gets upset kills a bunch of CIA hired Blackwater guys set-up outside the boyfriend's place. Ben kills a couple people the CIA hired to kill him and keep things quiet. Ben trades diamonds for tapes with The Dude. The Dude gets false payment and is forced to re-up with Hoyt's unit. Ben is lectured on the oligarchy of the U.S. government by Hoyt. Novel ends with the promise of meeting between John Rain and Treven in next novel.

1. A good novel and fast moving read.
2. Lots of discussion over torture and how the government works and does not work.
3. Nice job by Eisler.
4. Gratuitous HK love.
5. Gratuitous iPhone love.
6. Anal love.
7. Man on man love.
8. Restaurant love.
9. Gratuitous Glock love.

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