Monday, July 26, 2010

Finished: "Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire" by Gabriel Hunt (Christa Faust)

Finished: Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire by Gabriel Hunt (Christa Faust), 2010, 9780843962475.

I've been waiting to read this ever since I saw a publishing announcement 9-10 months ago.

Hunt is in Eastern Europe trying to recover a dagger his archaeological partner ran off with. Hunt gets dagger after big chase and fight. Hunt returns to NYC Hunt Foundation. Hot chick wants Hunt to go to Antarctica to find her missing father. Father has disappeared and been missing a week. Hot Daughter gets Hunt to go along with it.

Hunt calls up a few people to help and meet him in Christchurch. Hunt bones Hot Daughter on the flight there. Hunt and group - including chick he boned before - fly to McMurdo. Hunt and company travel to remote research location the father had been at. Hunt and group go looking for dad. Hunt and company fall into crevasse. Crevasse passage leads to a warm cavern filled with red light, trees, Tasmanian Devils, vicious 9 foot tall birds, and vicious, hot, blond chicks. Hunt and company captured.

Hunt and other male told they have to breed with hot blond chicks in village since all men in village die early. Hunt must bone hot blond chick queen or others in group will die. Turns out village was founded by Nazis who brought a doomsday machine along.

Hunt tied up and boner-ed up. Hot queen rides the baloney pony. Hunt escapes. Queen is killed by Hot Daughter. Hot Daughter made queen. Hot Daughter goes crazy for revenge against Nazis and sets machine to target Berlin. Hunt is captured. Hunt escapes. New queen is killed. Everyone escapes in 60 year old plane. Plane crash lands. Every now stuck there for six months. Hunt is promised much sex by surviving female member of his team.

1. Faust's twitter, facebook, and blog writing says Faust digs "thick" girls with big, round butts. Coincidentally, many women are muscular with thick butts.
2. Faust's twitter, facebook, and blog writing says Faust digs bondage. Coincidentally Faust adds two bondage styled scenes in the book.
3. Gun whine: Colt Single Action revolvers don't have a swing out cylinder.
4. I liked the sex parts.
5. Faust's sequel to Money Shot comes out in a few months.
6. I'd like to read what Ardai's requirements are for the novel's in this series. How much of their own style does each writer get to add in?

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