Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Pandemic Print: "Solo" by William Boyd

Pandemic Print: Solo by William Boyd, 2013, 9780062223128.

I've done more listening than reading over the past six months. I started this one and got right into it. The cover design is very well done.

Bond is getting close to fifty. It's 1968 (69?) and M has given Bond a rather vague assignment to West Africa where he is to use his cover as a journalist to enter a breakaway republic and 'influence' the commanding General into defeat. 

My history of Africa is like most Americans: piss poor. But, I did figure out Boyd is fictionalizing the Biafra conflict. I'd heard of Biafra but knew nothing of it. Biafra was a breakaway attempt by part of Nigeria to form Biafra in the massive river delta. The delta was also a newly discovered and massive oil field desired by Euro and US oil companies. There was fighting and mass starvation. 

Anyhoo. Bond heads South as a journalist for a French press agency since France was inclined to support Biafra. Before leaving Bond plays woo-woo with an actress in London. Bond has the sexy-sexy with his English contact in Nigeria-Stand-In-Country. Bond heads into Biafra-Stand-In-Country. Bond meets cruel bad guy mercenary. Bond finagles his way into the confidence of Cruel Mercenary and Biafra-Stand-In military dudes. Bond is found out, shot, and left for dead as Biafra-Stand-In collapses under final attack by Nigeria-Stand-In.

Bond is rescued by Brit military advisors (tank crew) with the Nigeria-Stand-In Army. Bond goes to recuperate in private clinic. Bond is out for revenge. Bond does the sexy-sexy with Actress. Bond heads to Washington DC under cover and without authority: his is solo. Bond has more sex-sexy. Bond buys an anachronistic OC spray. Bond has fights. Bond kills. Bond wins.


1. This was fun. And I enjoyed reading about 50-year-old political shenangins and realpolitick rather than the current day bullshit.

2. Two stories: A. Africa and B. Revenge.

3. Lots of British car love for Jensen Interceptor and Interceptor 2 and FF variant. I just did a quick search and the Interceptors for sale by Hemmings really range in price. From $10,000 to $160,000. 

4. Mustang Mach 1 love. Hemmings has those ranging at $31,000 to $60,000. I used to see the Mach 1s kinda regularly in the '80s.

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