Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Pandemic: "NADA" by Jean-Patrick Manchette

 Pandemic: NADA by Jean-Patrick Macnhette, 1972 (2019 this translation), 9781681373171.

Revolutionaries in early '70s Paris kidnap the U.S. Ambassador to France. Trouble ensues.

This was fun. A neat time capsule. 

  • Revolutionaries differing over politics while teamed together. 
  • Revolutionaries with waning dedication and idealists. 
  • Idealistic revolutionaries vs. realistic revolutionaries. Drunken louts who're there for no reason in particular.
  • Brutal police willing to torture for answers. 
  • Police willing to work nonstop to find kidnappers and murderers. 
  • High end bordellos.
  • Walther PP love.
  • Shoe-string operation with beat up cars and an old farm hideout.
  • Police willing to shoot up the whole damn farm and kill anyone inside. Fuck arresting, charging, and trying; just shoot them.

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