Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Pandemic Audio: "What You Break" by Reed Farrel Coleman

Pandemic Audio: What You Break by Reed Farrel Coleman, 2017, downloaded from Hoopla.

Second novel featuring retired patrolman Gus Murphy. Murphy is happy living working as a hotel van driver and hotel nightclub bouncer at a second rate hotel on Long Island. He gets a salary and a free room and, therefore, does not have to live in the house that is a reminder of his dead teen son.

Gus is asked via a pal of his to look into why a recent college graduate was murdered. Secondary subplot has Gus assisting his somewhat mysterious co-worker Slava. Immigrant Slava has unusual spy guy skills and some serious guilt. Gus helps Slava and has a dangerous Russian spy guy going after Gus to get to Slava.

Much later notes from late September: 

International intrigue in Long Island at a mid-range hotel by a mid-range airport. 
Gus is still not working through his grief for his deceased son but starts doing so now that he has a new girlfriend he has to send into protection as the bad guys threaten Gus and her. 

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