Friday, September 11, 2020

Pandemic Audio: "The Last Good Guy" by T. Jefferson Parker

 Pandemic Audio: the Last Good Guy by T. Jefferson Parker, 2019, downloaded from Wisconsin Digital Library.

I really enjoyed the Charlie Hood series and after Parker ended that I took awhile to try another of his books. This showed up as I was canning through the catalog so I figured to try it out. Third in the Roland Ford series.

Ford is a PI in San Diego. His wife died when her private plane crashed into the Pacific. He quit the San Diego PD after a shooting involving his partner. He was in the Marines for several years and fought in the first Battle of Fallujah.

Ford is hired by a women to find a missing teen girl. The client is the girl's older sister and guardian. Client is a bit of a weirdo but really good looking. Client tells tale of highly successful TV preacher being after the girl. Ford looks into things, gets snot beaten out of him, so on, so forth.

Parker has a real skill at letting us know his characters and he always puts the San Diego (and the rest of Southern California) setting to good effect. 


1. More muscle car love.

2. Recurring Parker themes of fighting realistic venality and corruption.

3. No magical realism of later Charlie Hood novels.

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