Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Done: "Buck Fever" by Ben Rehder

Done: Buck Fever by Ben Rehder, 2002, 1466414545. I think the ISBN is the hardcover or paperback. This is a Kindle title owned and published by Rehder.

Plugged by Crider as a deal of the day. I remember when this book came out but I never got around to the book.

Game Warden John Marley's best pal since boyhood is Phil Colby. A few years ago Colby had to sell his family ranch to wealthy lobbyist Roy Swank. Swank moved out from Austin to start a Big Time Game Ranch. Swank imported some Mexican deer fenced off much of his property.

John gets called out to the Swank place after a couple spotlight poachers ended up shooting a wildlife biologist by mistake. One of the deer is acting crazy and skittish - jumping and bucking - and Marley tranquilizes the deer. Well, Tranq Deer is Phil's former pet from when Phil owned the property.

Phil is happy for the chance to get his deer back. Warden John is happy to help give the deer back. Something sketchy is happening with Swank's deer. The Sheriff is a prick. The poachers are idiots. Swank is an arrogant SOB.

Things happen. Phil is injured and hospitalized. Warden John makes goo-goo eyes with Phil's nurse. Nurse makes goo-goo eyes at Warden John. Bad guys arrive to recover the drugs that were sewn inside the live Mexican deer. So on. So forth. Warden John and Nurse do the sexy sexy sex while captive to Bad Guys.

1. A fun novel. I couldn't help but compare setting and characters to Sheriff Dan Rhodes.
2. Some satisfying silliness.
3. Worth your time.
4. There is a shoot out.
5. There are a couple murders.

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