Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Finished: "Signature Kill" by David Levien

Finished: Signature Kill by David Levien, 2015, 9780385532556.

I was quite happy when I heard this new Frank Behr series novel was being published. This is a serial killer story which, to me, is not a good fit for a PI novel. The previous three Behr book were man alone stories. Behr is insular with few friends no work mates and revenge stories like Where the Dead Lay make more sense. Of course, this is a novel. You know... fiction.

Behr is living by himself because he is a jackass. His longtime girlfriend lives in her home with her and Behr's toddler son. Behr is still wrapped up in guilt from the death of his first son several years ago. He is unable to commit to Girlfriend because of this.

Behr works as a solo PI in Indianapolis and is without clients. Behr reads a billboard listing a reward for a missing woman. "Hell, why not? I need the dough." Behr calls number and visits The Mom. Missing Woman was a prostitute. Behr sleuths and discovers possible pattern of other missing women and prostitutes.

Meanwhile, we 1st person pal around with Bad Guy Serial Killer. Bad Guy Serial Killer likes blonds. Bad Guy Serial Killer enjoys artistic display so body parts. Bad Guy Serial Killer dumps his bodies around Indy. Bad Guy Serial Killer's dong digs dead dames. Things happen and Behr runs the case.

Behr is a large and powerful man and doesn't mind a few fisticuffs. Behr used to work for the Indy P.D. and the keep-the-public-from-panic topic of serial killers gets Behr hush-hush access to PD files. Behr has a suspect. Behr has dead ends. Behr shakes the tree and Bad Guy Serial Killer shows.

Big climax with violence. Behr wins out.

1. This entry did not have as much about Behr's fights, about Behr's exercise routine, about Behr's jiu-jitsu. All of these novels procedural mysteries with some bad guy 1st person.
2. I still have not seen any of Levien's movies. I did start watching The Girlfriend Experience but was sidetracked and never got back to it. He is also doing The Billions on TV which looks like a good show.
3. Not as much gratuitous gun love as before.

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