Friday, February 26, 2016

Quick: "The Order of the Forge" by Victor Gischler and Tazio Betin.

Quick: The Order of the Forge by Victor Gischler and Tazio Betin (illustrator), 2015, 9781616558291.

There are no page numbers but the nudity begins at about 1/6 mark.

Compilation of a comics run, same artist throughout. George Washington gets angry at his father and to spite his father George plans to chop down his father's cherry tree. George's ax slips his hands, the ax flies backwoods into the woods, and is embedded in an old totem pole. George pulls the ax, is struck with a burst of energy and his ax is engraved in runes.

George leaves home and gets a servant's position in Philadelphia. George has a best pal there,Paul Revere. Boss's English niece shows up. English niece is pretty and comic book breasted. English niece sneaks into Uncle's super secret room and overhears Uncle's evil plot. 

Niece runs to George for help. Niece, George, Revere, a horse, George's runed ax, and Ben Franklin are struck by lightning. All of them are struck by ax's magic. They realize Evil Uncle will use the magic for evil.  Chase ensues.

There are dog attacks. Ax attacks. Steampunkery. Scantily clad Niece pummels punks. Magic possessed horse. Trip to Roanoke. Undead Vikings. A Viking ship. Victorious George and Co. found the Forge brotherhood.

1. A fun comic. I would read a sequel.
2. Bad Gischler jokes that you like because they are bad.
3. Characters banter with snappy Gischler dialogue.
4. I liked the artwork. 
5. KRAK KRUNCH WHAK with some beheadings.
6. Gischler's Hellbound was recently nominated for a horror award.

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