Thursday, January 28, 2016

Zip: "Hellbound" by Victor Gischler, et al

Zip: Hellbound by Victor Gischler and a bunch of artists, 2015, 9781616558154.

Typical Gischler work: very good and very entertaining. This is the bound hardcover of a short comics series. I have Gischler's Stay checked out and will start that after I finish by current read.

Short version: X-Files + werewolves + vampires + alien beings = Hellbound.

Longer(ish) version: Two FBI Agents are sent to a strange crime scene in rural Vermont. The crime scene is heads and corpses. The Agents chase a lead, get into a shoot-out, are attacked by a thing. One Agent is bitten but they are rescued by a dude in metal suit who dispatches the thing. The thing turns human.

Anyway. A fun story. Flashbacks scenes use a different artist and I appreciated that artwork more. Lots of scary monsters. Blood. Fights. SKRITSSHH. VVRRROOOOM.  BLAMM.  GRRARR. SHRRRIIIP.

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