Friday, May 18, 2012

Should Have Quit: "Dracula the Undead" by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt

Should Have Quit: Dracua the Undead by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt, 2009, audio downloaded from oneclickdigital.

I read some list of great horror novels and this was listed.  The book mostly sucked but I finished it.  The ending is packed with cliche and sap.

25 years after the death of Dracula.  Jonathan Harker is still married to Mina.  Quincy, their son, is supposed to be studying law at the Sorbonne but only wants to act.  Van Helsing is in the Netherlands.  Seward is a junkie.  Seward goes to southern France and finds a female vampire and her succubi murdering a female frog.  Seward follows her to Paris.  Vampire is after a famous actor.  Quincy sucks up to the famous actor.

Mina and Jonathan have been at odds ever since their marriage.  Mina was loved up by Dracula and Jonathan was angered about this.  Jonathan now a drunk.  Mina has vampire blood and never aged.  Bad Vampire is trying to kill survivors of Dracula.

Quincy goes back to London to act at Bram Stoker's theater.  Quincy says he can get Famous Actor to take the lead role.  Famous Actor comes to London. Bad Vampire comes to London.  People are killed.  Local cop ties cast from Dracula to Jack The Ripper.  London geography ensues. People die.  Mina and Quincy are estranged.  Fires.  Blood.  Racing horses.  Sword play.  Fangs.  Physically powerful vampires.  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.  Dracula is actually the good guy.  Quincy lives happily ever after and everyone else is dead except for sequel possibilities.

1.  The London details were nice.
2.  How many times was the phrase "band of heroes" repeated when referencing the characters from Dracula?
3.  Cliched BS of sword fights.  Jack the Ripper mysteries.  Titanic references.  Famous Actor actually Dracula and the father of Quincy.  Sword fights with surprise skewerings.  Every action scene seemed to be written as description of an action movie.

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