Monday, May 7, 2012

Read: "Carnival of Death: Dead Man #9" by Bill Crider

Read: Carnival of Death: Dead Man #9 by Bill Crider, 2012, [find the ISBN on your own].

Cahill has joined Cap'n Bob's Stardust Carnival.  The carnival is a great fit for Cahill since the job travels all over and no one asks questions.

Cahill prevents a teenage girl's rape.  Cahill's presence has given "second sight" to the carnival's fortune teller.  Mr. Dark starts touching people and causing even more trouble.  Angry guy returns with a rifle to get revenge on a carnie game.  Local thug kills his pals.  Assault victim kills her best friend.  Snake charmer's snakes try to kill her.  Snake charmer tries to kill others.  Others kill killers.  Killers kill killers.  Killing of killers results in more kills.  And more blood. And more ax swinging.  And more Cahill ruing his fate.  And dictionary checking for spelling of 'ruing'.

1.  Gratuitious grammar correction.
2.  Gratuitous Cap'n Bob reference.
3.  Gratuitous snake quotes.
4.  Gratuitious teenager-thinking-30-year-old-is-really-old.
5. "Bill is credited by Dead Man creators Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin as a major influence on their series."  I didn't recall any crocodiles or alligators in previous entries.
6.  "Wow, Gerard.  First  a Goldberg, then a Reasoner, then a Crider.  Soon there'll be a Faust and a Smith.  How can you control yourself?  Are you quivering?"
7.  "Shut up.  Leave me alone."

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