Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Pandemic Audio: "Light It Up" by Nick Petrie

 Pandemic Audio: Light It Up by Nick Petrie, 2018, Wisconsin Digital Library.

Peter Ash gets a call from someone he worked with before. The guy is in his 70s and owns a security company in Denver that specializes in cash courier trucks for the all-cash marijuana dispensaries and grow facilities. One of the guarded trucks disappeared and the men are also missing. Did they steal the money or were they murdered?

More intrigue and violence. The series started to sour for me on this entry. I cannot recall why exactly. But, Ash and his good buddy from Milwaukee are both itchy combat veterans. They have become adrenaline junkies. Apparently sky-diving or motorcycle racing are not good enough for them.  Instead they feed the adrenaline need and comfort their psychological problems with violence. That includes gunfights in public and car chases across public golf courses.   

Anyhoo. Ash and his fellow dudes are ambushed on a rural road. A couple colleagues are killed, Ash gets captured with another guy. Ash makes a dramatic escape with lots of killing and a downhill chase. Ash calls his buddy in Milwaukee and Milwaukee Buddy flies over for some tourism terror. 

Meanshile, Ash has been on the move and away from the girly-friend he made in the last novel. She tells him to get his shit straight and cope with his mental health issues. She flies over to join them, gets caught, and gives Ash something to be angry and worried about.

More things happen and the bad guys are bad and the good guys are imperfect. Don't get me wrong: imperfect heroes and anti-heroes are fine. For whatever reason this character has been rubbing me the wrong way. 


1. Old gun love.

2. House building and car love.

3. Denver street map love during chase scenes.

4. Super fit Ash does lots of running. Lots and lots of running. Like Tom-Cruise-in-every-damn-movie running.

5. Trekking through the forest in snow storm love.


6. Remembered the gratuitous Jon Jordan character. I recall a murder.

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