Thursday, November 5, 2020

Another Audio: "Bad Men" by John Connolly

 Another Audio: Bad Men by John Connelly, 2003, Downloaded from the library's Hoopla service.

Terrible narration. Fun story that mixes horror and crime.

A island off Maine is one of the more remote and difficult ones to get to. A small population has a cop living there full time who is supplemented by a rotating schedule of cops from Portland PD. The local Native tribes never much went there and the first Europeans were murdered on a snowy night by a crazed former resident who was banished from the island.

There are:

  • The local cop who is a legitimate giant at 7-feet-plus.
  • A Woman On The Run with her young son.
  • An island possessed by spirits of murdered people.
  • A bad guy and his crew of bad guys who are killing there way from South Carolina to Maine so he can recover the money his wife, Woman On The Run, took from him.
  • Psychopaths in the bad guy crew.
  • A big snow storm.
  • Small town life and gossip on the island.
  • A local bad guy cop who is a child rapist.
  • A local rookie cop woman.
  • A kid in danger.
  • Ghosts.

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