Saturday, August 29, 2020

Pandemic: "Smonk" by Tom Franklin

 Pandemic: Smonk by Tom Franklin, 2006, 9780060846817.

Interesting fact: I've read three Franklin novels. Huh.

A crime novel with some vampire kind of thing. I don't know, man, I read this back in April. Or May. Or March.

Smonk is a bad, bad man. Old, short, hunchbacked, syphilitic, tuberculosis, and all around revolting and murderous. It's 1920, or so, and Smonk has been living outside of a town where everyone hates him. He's headed to town to face trial for something-or-other at the saloon where circuit court has been arranged. But, Smonk, being a sneaky and cruel bastard has arranged a machine gun ambush with the gun set-up on a wagon outside the saloon.

Smonk walks away and most of the town is dead. Things move along as Smonk is pursued by the surviving town Deputy. A 14-yeard-old wandering prostitute crosses paths. A Philadelphia (Pittsburg?) fop leads paid group of cavalry who crusade for God. 

It's all kind weird. I liked the book but I think it went a bit long.


1. Rifles.

2. Horses.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

I tried to read this but I just couldn't relate to it.