Saturday, August 29, 2020

Pandemic: "Rowdy in Paris" by Tim Sandlin

 Pandemic: Rowdy in Paris by Tim Sandline, 2008, 9781594489747.

A withdrawn book I finally go to. 

Rowdy is a professional bull rider at the bottom end of the circuit finally wins a tournament, earns some cash, and earns a buckle. A buckle. He's been rodeoing around The West for years and finally won something of substance (literal and figurative). Now he wants to give that buckle to his young son in WY who he barely knows. 

But, Rowdy's drunken celebration includes a night of threesome sex with two visitors from Paris. When he wakes up he finds his buckle missing. One of the Frenchies took the buckle and are on their way to the airport. Rowdy has no choice but to spend some of that bull championship prize money to follow the women to Paris and track them down at their university.

So, Rowdy heads out to Paris. Meets a cute French student. Meets a weird hippy with a prostitute wife. Meets revolutionaries who hate McDonald's.Spends lots of time figuring out what the hell is going on. Gets into plenty of fistfights. Plays bull in a China shop. Is mostly incapable of adjusting to another culture.

A decent book with a good amount of fun.

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