Saturday, August 29, 2020

Pandemic: "The Fort" by Bernard Cornwell

 Pandemic: The Fort by Bernard Cornwell, 2010, 9780061969638.

A stand alone novel about a fairly minor battle in the Revolutionary War. On the coast of what will be Maine some Scottish infantry have moved onto a peninsula. The locals are mostly Loyalists. The Continental Army dispatches Colonial Army and Colonial Navy forces to take back the peninsula and the new fort under construction.

An interesting book but kinda slow. Cornwell cannot just add another battle for excitement so he's stuck - I assume - with a timeline that does not fit a dramatic pace.

Some neat details about the relationships among the Colonial armies and navies and Continental Army. How they did not get along. How they were organized. How training and leadership varied greatly. The different loyalties of locals and how loyalties change. The terror of battle and the difference between professionals and recently enlisted volunteers.

Not much else to say I think I read this in March.

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