Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Pandemic: "Saturday Night Ghost Club" by Craig Davidson

Pandemic: Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson, 2018, 9780143133933.

Guy named Jake thinks back to the summer he was 12-years-old and living on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. 

Jake is an only child, doesn't have many friends, hangs out with his weird uncle, and relies on his bicycle for freedom. Jake makes friends with a guy whose family moved to town from a Native Reservation. The other guy's sister is pretty, athletic, and brave. Jake goes a bit gooey for her.

Meanwhile,  Jake's uncle seems to be skirting reality. 12-year-old Jack cannot see this and as narrator he had me believing Uncle Calvin is just unique. Calvin ends up having the kids join him on a ghost hunt to different spots in town. Calvin and Co. meet up at night and Calvin narrates scary true stories about events at those different spots.

Anyway. I've really enjoyed Davidson's work over the years. A month or two ago I lucked out and ran across an audio version of the one horror novel is his I could not find. Davidson writes horror as Nick Cutter. I wrote Davidson as much and he wrote back saying "[Thanks, I appreciate the word.]"

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