Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Pandemic Audio: "Sunrise Highway" by Peter Blauner

Pandemic Audio: Sunrise Highway by Peter Blauner, 2018, downloaded off Hoopla.

Nice tie-in to the last couple of Reed Farrell Coleman novels and the true crime book about what appears to be a serial killer of prostitutes working on Long Island, Lost Girls by Robert Kolker.

I'm guessing that Blauner took the real life case(s) of missing and murdered women on Long Island and spun this story.  NYPD detective Lourdes Robles is assigned a case of a corpse in a river. The river is in her jurisdiction. The corpse is likely from Long Island. Robles detects and the Suffolk County PD does not cooperate. Robles is often told how Suffolk does things their way.

This is well done with a sharp look at racism and sexism. A self-aware but deluded serial killer. Local and regional corruption. A serial killer who spends his life looking for ways to manipulate and blackmail the people he needs. A serial killer who has been killing for 30 years.

Really nicely done. We know the killer fairly early and there is a struggle by Lourdes to continue the investigation into a politically connected and very savvy man. Plenty of food for thought about trust and loyalty. 

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