Friday, July 24, 2020

Pandemic: "Overkill" by vanda Symon

Pandemic: Overkill by Vanda Symon, 2007 in NZ an 2018 in US, 9781912374274.\

I've been keeping my eye out for more Symon books but not many are available in the US.

Small town cop Sam Shephard responds to call about a drowned mother in the local river. The woman was the wife of Shephard's former long-time boyfriend. The wife was a quick marriage rebound after Shepherd declined his marriage proposal and moved away.

Shepherd investigates and a rare murder brings in all the regional cops and supervisors. Small statured Shepherd loves police work and took the career against the strong resistance of her family. She deals with some sexism, a-holes, cracks about her size, etc. Shepherd then comes into investigation for the murder.

Things happen and I don't recall too much about them except that I enjoyed the story a fair amount. Nice setting of rural New Zealand and Shepherd is an interesting character.

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