Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Letters Book: "Address Unknown" by Kathrine Kressman Taylor

Letters Book: Address Unknown by Katherine Kressman Taylor, 1938, 2001 printing, 9780743412711.

Foreword says: Woman writes a series of fictional letters that are published in Story magazine in 1938. Immediately popularity. The story is then printed as a book an is a bestseller.

Taylor was Kathrine Kressman. She ran across an article saying how some US students returned from Germany and wrote to friends in Germany. The Germans said, "Don't make fun of Hitler in your letters. We will be arrested." Kressman pondered on that situation for awhile and created two friends and business partners who co-own an art dealership on the west coast.

One gallery owner returns to Germany. His U.S. dollars make him a wealthy man in depressed Germany and he has a mansion and servants. He enters high society and joins the nazis. His Jewish friend and partner cannot figure out what is happening to his pal who now spouts the party line on Jews being dirt.

Things happen and the German refuses to assist his friend's actress sister in Germany. The business relationship is dissolved. The sister is pursued and killed by the rotten, filthy, stinking, no good nazis. The Jewish gallery owner starts writing letters to the German referencing Moscow, money transfers, traditional Jewish names, and weird stats that could be code. The German disappears.

Very brief book. Reading the Foreword took almost as long as the book.

1. I won't capitalize nazi.

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