Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Comics Comp: "The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics" edited by Paul Gravett

Comics Comp: The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics edited by Paul Gravett, 2008, 9780762433940.

I see Mammoth Book of- and immediately think of Maxim Jakubowski and all the mystery compilations he edited. When I saw he published a novel, It's You That I Want To Kiss, in 1997 I bought it for my library and read it. I recall being disappointed in the book. I do recall the cover though. Solid colors and an image of a cut open fruit. Let me test that memory...  nope, I am wrong. That was a different color.

This book is a collection of comics from the 1930s to the pub date. Some neat stuff and a wide range of artwork. I finished reading this a while a back and don't recall much about any individual stories.

Dashiell Hammett's Secret Agent X-9 was well told and I like that kind of art.
An 87th Precinct story suffered from the poor artwork.
Neat to read a Ms. Tree comic after having heard about them for a while.

1. Regarding Ms. Tree and Max Alan Collins. Collins really stepped in it when trying to make a joke and really ticking off and offending a bunch of people. After reading his posts and commentary over the years I have a decent amount of faith that Collins is not a prick. That includes him not being any of the many despicable -ists that are out there. I was impressed and happy to see he soon realized his mistake and understood the effect his comment had.

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