Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Comic Book: "Rick and Morty Vs. Dungeons and Dragons" by Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub

Comic Book: Rick and Morty Vs. Dungeons and Dragons by Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub, 2019, 9781684054169

Morty thinks gamers get laid. So he goes to a game store, meets a hot girl who plays Dungeons and Dragons, and Morty lies about his gamer experience. Morty is invited to join Hot Girl's Saturday night D&D game. Since Morty figures he may have a chance with the girl he needs to learn all about the game.  Rick finds out Morty is into D&D, gets excited, invites Morty to join up.

Adventures ensue. Things go sideways. Dungeons. Dragons. Monsters. Spells. The entire family ends up in alternate world that is a D&D world.

Skip it if you are not a fan of the television program.

1. I like the artwork.
2. This is the only book by Rothfuss I have read. Where does that guy live? Eau Claire? Wausau? Stevens Point?

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There's a television program???