Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Missed Another: "Spook's Tale" by Joseph Delaney

Missed Another: Spook's Tale: The Spook's tale and other horrors by Joseph Delaney, 2009 (for version I had), downloaded from Wisconsin Digital Library.

Damn. I was deleting old audiobooks from my phone and saw I did not write any notes on this. Three short stories featuring characters from The Spook series. Let me figure this out...

The online book description reminds me they are stories about:

  • Spook as an Apprentice
  • Alice when she helped Thomas Ward by infiltrating a witch village
  • Grimalkin when she started to be a witch assassin

That's about it. I do recall some of Alice's story because it filled in missing information from one of the novels when Thomas was able to sneak her out of the village.

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