Tuesday, September 17, 2019

EBook: "Locked Doors" by Blake Crouch

EBook: Locked Doors by Blake Crouch, 2010, downloaded from Wisconsin Digital Library.

I read Crouch's Wayward Pines trilogy and enjoyed the stories. The TV series was also well done and neat-o. Those Pines books were published only a couple years after Locked Doors and Crouch's writing skills made impressive improvements.

Locked Doors was kinda "Meh" because the main character spent the first quarter of the novel thinking back on events from previous books to set-up the current story. After all those long character introductions and back stories were complete the novel started to move along.

But, while I'm complaining I might as well not hold back: 1) Crouch's writing was overly flowery at points. 2) Something else I forgot about, but I am sure it was important. - Oh yeah, at least one superfluous character. Coulda' either dropped that guy.

Anyhoo. Suspected serial killer Andrew Thomas is hiding out in the Canadian wilderness. The previous novel had his lookalike brother and his brother's pal raping and kidnapping and murdering and setting up Thomas for the fall. Thomas ended up killing those two but was unable to clear his name and hit the road. But, Thomas became mega famous because he was already a successful novelist and was then known as a vicious serial killer. He has to hide himself well to avoid arrest.

Things have been going ok for him for Thomas over the past two to three years. He wears a thick beard, avoids people, and lives outside a tiny, forest town where people are not nosey. Things go wrong when Thomas finds out his brother's Murder Pal survived and just killed off a few of Thomas's former neighbors and a former girlfriend.  "Oh, shit" thinks Thomas "I better go after Murder Pal. And I know where to find him!"

Things move along after Thomas heads to the Carolinas and a couple barrier islands, a young police detective gets involved, bad guys are super awful, so on, so forth.

The front end and back end of the novel even things out I suppose. I doubt I will try the subsequent novella. Since Wayward Pines was fun I will eventually get to reading Crouch's two most recent novels, Dark Matter and Recursion. I don't know what those stories are about. Look it up yourself.

1, I have trouble typing Crouch. I keep typing Corouch.
2. Damn. I have trouble typing toruble.

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